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Sleep Apnea is a Public Health Problem*

Given its prevalence and effect on health, quality of life and safety, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is emerging as a significant public health issue that demands a population level response. Millions of people suffer from all degrees of sleep disordered breathing from simple snoring without pathology to severe obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep disordered breathing affects as many as 9 percent of middle-aged women and 24 percent of middle aged men. The National Sleep Foundation reports that as many as 18 million people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. As many as 90 percent of individuals with sleep apnea have never been diagnosed.

*For the original excerpt of this passage and the biliography, please review the “The TAP Standard of Care” article under “Resources”.

The TAP System

Oral appliance therapy has been proven by research to be an effective method of treating OSA. Worn only during sleep, an oral appliance fits like a sports mouth guard or an orthodontic retainer. It supports the jaw in a forward position to help maintain an open upper airway. The TAP system’s myTAP and dreamTAP are FDA approved and is regarded the most effective and comfortable sleep apnea device for mild to moderate OSA according to 36 different peer reviewed studies. myTAP can be adjusted immediately for maximum comfort, allowing you to provide same-day treatment and immediate relief. Once the patient shows tolerance to the TAP system and relief from their symptoms, dreamTAP can be custom made for each individual patient for long-term treatment.

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AM Aligner

AM Aligner

The AM Aligner is a thermoplastic occlusion splint included with every myTAP and dreamTAP case kits. Repositioning the mandible forward at night using the TAP system creates a transient malocclusion in the morning with anterior tooth contact and posterior open bite. The AM Aligner is designed to reestablish the proper intercuspation of the teeth. Fabricated in the dentist’s office before the sleep apnea device is delivered, the AM Aligner creates a centric occlusion splint that can be used every day by the patient to return the mandible the original relationship to the maxilla. Please refer to the “AM Aligner Clinician’s Instructions” resource for further details.

Demo Models

These educational demo models allow your patients to observe in person the design and capability of the TAP system. It includes a display case, a myTAP demonstration model and a dreamTAP demonstration model for only $250. Contact our office to order yours today!


The TAP System Standard of Care
AM Aligner Clinician Instructions


Low-Cost, Immediate Relief
Based on the original TAP by Airway Management, this oral appliance is in a fitting category all its own. “Precision Fit” technology allows for accurate molding without bite registration and lab fabrication. When heated, the trays can be widened or narrowed to fit any arch size. The myTAP also features thin, sleek trays to create a comfortable low profile snoring appliance. The adjustment mechanism is attached to the lower tray and threaded through the adjustment post of the upper tray. A dial is screwed onto the end of the threaded adjustment mechanism allowing the patient to control the treatment position. With its incremental advancement (1/3 mm per half turn) capabilities and its wide range of adjustment (20 mm total), the myTAP incorporates Airway Management’s existing custom technology.

Fitting Guide
The fitting of myTAP can be done in 15 minutes or less right inside your office. Please review the following fitting guide video, or consult the printable document in the Resources below.


myTab Fitting Guide
myTab Informed Consent Form

Custom-made, Permanent Solution to OSA

The dreamTap is the newest custom TAP Sleep Care System by Airway Management. Fabricated to fit each patient by YM Dental Lab using snap-fit polycarbonate material, dreamTAP maintains all the features of the past TAP customs, such as single-point midline adjustment and 3 hook sizes for greater range of adjustment. While doing so, it boasts new features like more tongue space and durable and allergen-free cobalt-chromium hardware. For most patients, dreamTAP is over 90% successful as an effective standalone treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea. Give your patients healthier, more comfortable sleep with dreamTAP!

Medicare & Quick Release Version

dreamTAP has received approval by PDAC (Pricing, Data, Analysis and Coding) and is accepted for reimbursement by Medicare. It meets the requirements of PDAC by creating a hook design that is hinged and cannot be easily unhinged by the user. We use a 1.3mm bar to create the hinge with the hook. The patient must engage the hook on the side of the bar, where the diameter of the bar is reduced to accept the 1mm opening in the hook.

However, dreamTAP does offer a “quick release” version as well. Quick Release dreamTAP uses a 0.8mm Cr-Co bar to engage the hook. The patient simply advances the mandible about 1.5mm to release the hook, while wearing the appliance. This eliminates any concerns about being “locked” in and makes it easier to insert and remove. The Quick Release version can be used with any insurance carrier not requiring PDAC listing for coverage.

Combination Treatment

Combination TreatmentMost studies have shown the TAP appliances to be very effective treatment devices for simple snoring to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. To treat severe OSA, the clinician can use the TAP PAP CS, an add-on product to connect a dreamTAP to a nasal pillow CPAP mask. This allows the professional to combine oral appliance therapy with CPAP, enabling most patients to reduce their CPAP pressures. Many DSM dentists use the TAP PAP CS to help bridge the gap between the MD and DDS/DMD. It allows the dentist to discuss oral appliance therapy with the MD with a collaborative tangible device, helping to create a positive working relationship between the branches of medicine needed to treat OSA.

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TAP PAP CS Instructions
dreamTAP Cheat Sheet
dreamTAP Informed Consent Form