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 by Dr. Rick Rios

I have been working with YM dental for almost two years now. They have always treated me with respect and with top notch customer service. Their restorations fit beautifully with very little adjustment. Even when problems arise, which is not often, their rep, Moses, is always willing to meet with me personally to resolve the issue. No questions, they just take care of it.

Recently I took advantage of their offer to integrate a 3M True definition scanner into my office. Since I began using the scanner, I have delivered 12 single unit crowns. I know this going to sound like a lie, but I swear it’s true: I only adjusted 1 out of 12 crowns. The crown I adjusted merely needed a small adjustment to the mesial contact, then it fit perfectly. I have not had to adjust the occlusion on any of them!

It sounds crazy and I would not have believed it except that it happened. This scanner is more accurate than VPS impressions and the scanned bite is WAY more accurate than Blu-Mousse.

I highly recommend YM dental lab and the 3M scanner to anyone who is looking to upgrade the quality and fit of their restorations

 by Dr. Frederick Marra

Dr. Frederick Marra's testimonial of YM Dental Lab with his patient Mark Folgert, March 2017.

 by Dr. Anthony Black

YM Dental Lab is the only lab I use. They consistently provide restorations with superior fit, esthetics and strength. My cases require very little, if any, adjustment which saves me valuable chair time. I literally consider them part of my dental team. Their experienced staff and technicians happily answer all my questions and help me with challenging cases. This helps provide excellent results for my esthetic and implant cases which makes me and my patients smile.

 by Dr. Tara Moshiri

I can't praise YM Dental Lab high enough! The skill and precision of their technicians are like non other! Their fixed pros work look better than natural teeth. Even other dentists can't pick their restorations among natural teeth. They offer the best material in the industry with reasonable prices. I am a cosmetic dentist and I have been enjoying my craft much more since working with YM Dental Lab. Their lab is also well organized, clean and high tech which makes patient's experience even more pleasant for custom shade matching sessions. I am extremely pleased and honored to work with YM Dental Lab for years to come!!! Keep up your excellent work ?

 by Dr. Bakhtyari

YM Dental Lab has always done superb work for me for years. They are always very professional, punctual and the work is very high quality. I hardly have to adjust anything and margins are always perfectly sealed. Thank YM for all your hard work!

 by Dr. Reangber in Haymarket, VA

YM Dental is one of the best labs in the area. I have been working with them for the past year and have been very pleased. The indirect restorations that they have done fit great in the patients mouth with very few if any adjustments. The contour, contacts, margins, occlusion, fit and aesthetics are excellent. The model work is clean and they are always on time. I am very pleased and would recommend them to my colleagues. Thank you YM for your great work, keep it up.

 by Dr. Moffitt in Lorton, VA

"My office had been using other dental labs for more that 25 years, but their quality always seemed to fail short of my expectations. When Moses came into my office to introduce himself and YM Dental Lab, my staff and I were immediately blown away by his friendliness and exceptional customer service. Since then, YM has been the major dental lab I use.

Each Crown requires very little, in any, adjustments and are always aesthetically pleasing. The communication between the lab and the doctor is unlike and other. We have never had a case arrive late, which is a huge difference from other. All cases arrive on time - even the most complex rush case. If their speak with me, instead of simply guessing the answer. She is courteous and always lovely to speak with. Their prices are also reasonable and I have never had a disagreement with any of their charges. YM Dental Lab is one of the best labs I have used and I hope to continue to do business with them for years to come"