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Since 2009, YM Dental Lab has provided dental prosthetic fabrication services to 400+ local and nationwide dentists and clinicians. Now we are one of the largest full-service dental laboratories in D.C. metropolitan area, capable of fabricating any kind of dental prosthesis.

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Precision Aesthetics Works

Our mission is to provide a restoration that is superior in every way, functionally and aesthetically. We work closely with dentists to achieve full satisfaction from both doctors and patients.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

YM is not shy about investing in the best & the newest. What this means for you, our customer, is this: you can be rest assured all our products will be of the highest quality without the need for YM to outsource any part of our procedure – keeping our prices as low as possible as well.

First Crown is Free!!

For our first-time customers, we are giving away 2 FREE Single Monolithic Crowns: Zmax ($129 value) & Dentcore Zirconia ($109 value).

We Offer

Porcelain Fused Metal : PFM

Porcelain Fused Metal : PFM

All Ceramic Crowns

All Ceramic Crowns

Full Gold Crowns

Full Gold Crowns

Implant Restorations

Implant Restorations



The Most Convenient Resources for Dentistry with Full Custom Dental Lab Services

Providing the highest quality dental components to your patients is your highest priority. Comfort, fit and durability are all important factors when creating crowns, dentures, bridges and implants. YM Dental Lab is the leading aesthetic dental lab, offering a range of solutions for dental fabrications no matter the complexity. We focus on delivering the highest standards of workmanship for superior quality for both patients and their doctors. Our state of the art facility creates precise results for fabrication and restoration success every time.

A Full Service Digital Dental Laboratory Solution

At YM Dental Lab, we deliver versatility with every finished product. Our services are compatible with all oral scanner plans for the most comprehensive solution for digital dental laboratory services, and with remote support your scans are accessed conveniently from within our lab. We produce crowns and bridges using porcelain fused metal, ceramic and gold, and create full and partial dentures using metal, Valaplast or a combination of the two. Our implant restorations include both screw and cement retained, as well as titanium and zirconia abutment. With over a decade in the industry, YM Dental Lab is your first choice for quality dental prosthetics.

First Crown is Free for First Time Customers!

YM Dental Lab is proud to offer the finest dental fabrications and restorations on the market. Our new customers benefit from two free single monolithic crowns valued at over $300. To learn more about our services, including our special offer, contact our team today at (703) 330-1990.

Work with a Premier Aesthetic Dental Lab

Many dentists search for a digital dental laboratory solution to provide a higher level of patient care. At YM Dental Lab, we offer custom dental lab services designed to make obtaining dental prosthetics and dental tools simple. Our full-scale aesthetic dental lab serves more than 400 dental clinics across the country. We focus on quality, communication, and risk analysis in everything we do. Our team provides porcelain-infused metal, all-ceramic crowns, full gold crowns, implant restorations, and dentures.

Superior Dental Prosthetics

Dentists recognize they need the highest quality dental prosthetics made in a premier aesthetic dental lab. When our clients order dental prosthetics, they can expect precision dental lab services to give your patients comfortable, long-lasting prosthetics to improve smiles. We create superior restoration solutions, improving aesthetics and functionality. Every millimeter counts for dental prosthetics. Our state-of-the-art equipment uses high-quality materials to custom-craft every prosthetic to your specifications to ensure the perfect fit. We don’t outsource any work, making us a reliable digital dental laboratory solution.

Quality Prosthetics at Low Prices

We proudly work directly with dental clinics nationwide to provide high-quality dental prosthetics at the lowest prices. We accept intraoral scans from all devices, making it convenient to get dental prosthetics for your patients. We have served dentists for over a decade, providing customized solutions to create crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants. We are your first choice for dental prosthetics, with convenient remote support and high-quality craftsmanship. If you want to see what our aesthetic dental lab can do, we provide two free monolithic crowns to allow you to evaluate our quality before committing.

Contact us today to learn more about our special offer and custom dental lab services.

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