State-of-the-Art Digital Equipment

We invest in cutting-edge technologies and top-tier resources. For you, our valued customer, this commitment translates to unwavering assurance that every product we offer maintains the highest quality. Unlike many, we refrain from outsourcing any aspect of our process, ensuring that our prices remain exceptionally competitive.

3D Printers

Asiga, Carbon, SprintRay

YM Dental Lab provides perfect smiles with these 3D Printers. These printers, along with skilled technicians, will produce the most precise models, surgical guides, and premium dentures available. This makes these 3D printers the most innovative and advanced printers available on the market.

State-of-the-Art Milling Machines

Datron, GeoMill, Imes-Icore, Roland, Maxxdigm, VHF

YM Dental Lab only uses milling machines that are engineered and made at world-class quality. Our Superior equipment and high quality materials ensure a product that can be held to a higher standard than our competitors.

Intro Oral Scanners

Medit, iTero, 3Shape, CEREC

YM Dental Lab is fully equipped and capable to receive any digital oral scan files from all major oral scanner companies: Medit, iTero, 3Shape, CEREC, E4D, Carestream. Many dentists end up investing in oral scanners only to find out that they are only a handful of dental labs that can receive their 3D impressions. Our goal at YM is to ensure that your investment in digital dentistry never hinders you, but frees you to a more convenient and profitable practice.