Product   Period  
Crown & Bridge
Full Metal Restorations, Full Contour Zirconia (Monolithic) Restorations
Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Restorations
All-Ceramic Restorations – E-Max, Empress, Zirconia (with layered porcelain)
Composite Restorations
Metal Partial Frameworks
Major Connector
Minor Connector
Acrylic Bases
Valplast Bases




Be advised that YM Dental Lab warranty does NOT cover:

  • Restoration failure due to insufficient reduction
    (material thickness less than optimum according to manufacturer’s recommendations).
  • Restoration failure due to patient’s destructive habits (bruxism and negligent oral hygiene).
  • Restoration failure due to improper material selection on the dentist’s part.
  • Cost incurred for removal or insertion.
  • Incidental or consequential damages including chair time loss, loss of wages, inconvenience or even pain.
  • Loss of restoration due to bonding/cementation failure.
  • Failure of restoration due to retentive factors related to the preparation (e.g. overly convergent walls).
  • Restorations that do not fit because the preparation is modified after the final impression is sent to us, unless we are informed before we start.
  • Price of gold used for the remake restoration unless the defective restoration is sent to us.
  • Defective impressions or bite registrations.
  • Post-cementation changes to restorations
    (e.g. patient wanted very white veneers but changed her mind after hearing comments from friends or family).
  • YM Dental Lab reserves a right to determine where the fault originated
    (within or outside lab) and make a final decision on the appropriate action.