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About Us

Our top priority
is quality.

Since 2009, YM Dental Lab has provided dental prosthetic fabrication services to dentists and clinicians locally and nationwide. We are proud to say that we are one of the largest full-service dental laboratories on the east coast of the United States, capable of fabricating any dental prosthesis.

At YM Dental Lab our team manages every single step with the utmost care and attention, your clients are sure to be amazed by their new smile!

Best products
and services

At YM Dental Labs, we know that quality dental prosthetics are essential in providing top of the line dental care. Our dental lab fabricates high-quality dentures for dental clinics nationwide to make sure patients are improving their dental care while smiling with pride!


Porcelain Fused Metal

Implant Restoration

All Ceramic Crowns

All Ceramic Crowns

YM Dental Lab is your partner to Digital Dentistry

Utilizing high-quality materials and leading industry products in the fabrication and modification of your products reduces your chances of experiencing product failure. To provide your patients with the necessary care, we believe building trust and satisfaction is essential.