Durable, Functional Dental Implant Restoration

When choosing a dental procedure for your patients, dental implant restoration is one of the solutions that looks and feels the most natural for your patients. That is why you want access to the highest quality dental implants possible, ensuring that they will last a long time and be easy for your patients to care for. This is where YM Dental Lab can help.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Better Implants

Our skilled technicians make quality their highest priority, using industry-proven materials and cutting-edge fabrication technology to create the best dental prosthetics available in the nation. For dental implant restoration, we use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM to ensure that every abutment and crown we create is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and a perfect, custom fit for each patient. This process is done with precision and in a timely manner, ensuring that your patients will not wait long to receive their new dental implants. Our lab offers 8 different abutment packages across three major dental manufacturers to ensure that you will always have the right implant for each patient.

Your Source for Dental Implant Restorations

Your patients need dental implant restoration when they are damaged. YM Dental Lab provides dentists with the dental implant restoration they need to restore smiles. We help restore dental implants for a natural look and feel that gets your patients smiling. After completing dental implant restorations, your patients can count on a long-lasting solution to improve their overall dental health.

Implant Restorations with State-of-the-Art Technology

Dental technology is continually advancing. Our dental implant restorations use cutting-edge fabrication technology with industry-proven materials to achieve the desired results. Our skilled technicians put quality first by using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM to complete precision implants to ensure durability and aesthetic value in every piece we create. We offer eight abutment packages to ensure you can order the exact solution each patient requires. We fill your orders promptly, ensuring your patients don’t have to wait long for their dental implant restoration.

Proven Solutions

Our dental implant restoration packages offer tried-and-true solutions to restore patients’ smiles with ease. We strive to create natural-looking prosthetics for high patient satisfaction. We craft all abutments and crowns from titanium or zirconia with cement or screw attachments to get the best results. Our skilled technicians complete each order with precision and care and conduct quality testing before shipping them out. You can count on us to help you provide superior patient care for dental implant restorations.

Providing Proven Patient Solutions to Your Office

When your patients require dental implant restorations, turn to YM Dental Lab for tried-and-true prosthetics. Our abutments and crowns can be crafted in titanium or zirconia, and retained via cement or screws, but all of them are fabricated with care and tested for quality prior to being shipped to your office. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more or place your first order.

Patient-specific CAD/CAM implant restorations

NobelProcera® Abutments and Crowns

Custom CAD Abutment / Crown Package
NobelProcera titanium abutment and crown
NobelProcera zirconia abutment and crown

More than a restoration. Patient solutions.

Straumann® implant restorations use state-of-the art CADCAM technology.

Custom CAD Abutment / Crown Package
Straumann® CARES® Titanium Abutment with Crown (Cement or Screw-Retained)
Straumann® CARES® Zirconia Abutment with Crown
Straumann® Variobase® Abutment with Crown (Cement or Screw-Retained)

Authentic Biomet 3i Abutment Packages

Full CAD/CAM design process. Precision engineered for optimal performance and aesthetics

  • Biomet 3i Titanium Abutment + PFZ Crown + Screw + Model
  • Biomet 3i Titanium Abutment + Monolithic ZR + Screw(with model)
  • Biomet 3i Titanium Abutment + Emax Crown