YM Dental Lab: Our Background

Since 2009, YM Dental Lab has provided dental prosthetic fabrication services to 400+ local and nationwide dentists and clinicians. Now we are one of the largest full-service dental laboratories in D.C. metropolitan area, capable of fabricating any kind of dental prosthesis.

Our Differentiator

Here at YM, our first and foremost priority is quality. We only utilize the most widely acknowledged line of products as our materials for our fabrication/modification, such as 3M and Ivoclar. These German-made premium materials are expensive, but have consistently proven themselves to be of the highest quality and dramatically lower the chances of our products’ failures. We believe building lasting partnerships through trust and satisfaction is far more important than using cost-efficient materials to increase individual profit margin.

To uphold this same principle, we invest aggressively to keep all of our equipment and processes top of the line – in fact, we created a sister-company dedicated to do just that: DentCore.

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Through years of experience in the dental prosthetic manufacturing business, YM recognizes that unencumbered communication is a key criterion for success in this business. In order to ensure that our clients get any urgent questions or concerns answered and resolved as quickly as possible, we keep our customers aware throughout the entire fabrication process of any possible concerns in order to minimize the risks of delays or defections. Our friendly and professional staff are always ready to answer any inquiries in both English and Korean and efficiently direct all concerns to our key management personnel.

Risk Analysis

Our quality control department, conducted and headed personally by our two master technicians, is in charge of surveillance of each case before they are sent to our customers. YM recognizes the various risks of possible defections involved in fabricating dental prosthesis – such as chips/fractures, misfits, tight/loose contacts (interproximal/occlusal), or design errors. If any of our products are of questionable quality, YM will contact our customers and ask for a permission to redo the work, if the scheduled time permits. Should any of our products fail even after such oversight, all of YM’s prosthetics are covered by limited warranty.

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Visit Our Lab

Our 12,000 sq. ft. laboratory space is always open for visit during regular business hours. Conveniently situated 25 miles from Washington D.C., our laboratory houses a fully furnished seminar room capable of housing 40+ participants. Experience for yourselves our state-of-the-art lab’s capabilities and processes by joining us for a lab tour – please check out our News page for information regarding our upcoming seminars and contact us to schedule a lab tour.

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